Vintage style trading card Wax packs!

Cncpt Crdz (Concept Cards) is dedicated to creating high quality vintage style Wax pack trading cards and action figure card backs!


Everything in our store is hand made with great care and attention to detail.


Anything that is based on an original item is marked as a reproduction so as not to be confused with original vintage items.


We will never sell original items in our store and we never mass produce anything we make.

Please check out the store and grab some stuff!


When you are done, join our Facebook group and let us know what you think....and shout out some new ideas! We are huge fans of vintage trading cards and action figure card backs and we want to hear what you love about them and see what cool stuff you guys have in your collections!


And don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter too! You can also send us an email. Links are all down below and in the store as well.


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